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Performing Arts

Recital 2022

"Cinderella" will be held at St. Johns Country Day School's Performing Arts Center 3100 Doctors Lake Dr. Orange Park, Florida on Saturday, June 18th @ 2:00pm tickets required. 

Dress Rehearsal

Full dress rehearsal (mandatory for all dancers) will be held at St. Johns Country Day School's Performing Arts Center 3100 Doctors Lake Dr. Orange Park, Florida on Friday, June 17th @ 5:30pm. Please arrive in your first costume with hair and make-up done. Dancers will be called to stage when it is time for their dance. We will be finished around 7:30pm. Parent’s please plan to stay with your dancer during the rehearsal.


- Dress Rehearsals tend to be long. Please be prepared. We recommend you send a dry snack and bottled water with your dancer. Please don't pack juice or anything that can stain their costume.  

- Students are asked to sit in the audience with their class and wait until they are called to the stage. This will enable them to see the performance, since they will remain back stage during the entire Recital on saturday.

- Dress Rehearsal is just that, students need to arrive in full stage make up with hair done. Dancers should have their proper dance shoes and tights along with their costume. 


Recital Day, Back stage & Dressing Rooms 

Dancers will need to arrive 30 minutes before the recital in their first costume with their hair and make-up done.

- To ensure the safety of our dancers, at no point in the Recital will the dancers be permitted to sit in the audience. They must remain back stage during the entire performance.

-  Students will need to be checked into their assigned dressing room before the Recital. Parents will receive a sign-in slip that they must present at the end of Recital, when picking up their child. Please be prepared to wait in line.

-  At no point will friends or extended family be allowed in the dressing rooms or backstage (plan to meet in the lobby after the recital). Please note: If their is an issue with a child during the Recital the parent's will be paged. 


Recital Tickets

Each family will receive four tickets to the recital. If you do not need all four tickets please pass them along to a parent in your child's class. All children over the age of two will need a ticket. Any child under the age of two that requires their own seat will need a ticket. Additional tickets can be purchased in advance only for $8. Tickets go on sale June 7th @ 5:00pm and are expected to sell out, sorry we will not be accepting pre-orders. Tickets will not be sold at the recital.



Would you like to congratulate your child on a job well done at the recital? We are taking orders for trophies. We will have these ready for you at the recital to present to your dancer after the performance. All orders and payments are due before June 1st. Please place your order with your child’s teacher. Trophies that have not been paid in full will not be ordered. Trophies are $24

Recital Meeting

Parent’s please plan to stay for the first fifteen minutes of your child’s dance class recital week the 11th-16th for a brief recital meeting.


Recital 2022 Tights, Shoes, Hair & Makeup

All classes: Please place any flower hair pieces on the left side of the dancers bun, secure with bobbie pins


-Stage make-up girls: powder, dark blush, black eye liner, black mascara, red lip stick, eye shadow: light brown on eyelid, dark brown in crease of eye, and white below eyebrow. False eyelashes are optional for older girls.

-Please no jewelry, except for rhinestone stud earrings.

-Girls please don't wear panties with your costumes they are extremely noticeable! Your tights and leotard are sufficient undergarments. If you wear a bra it needs to be skin colored, do not wear a strapless it will slide down when you are dancing. A nude camisole leotard is perfect for those with multiple costumes and extra security.

-Be sure to use lots of bobbie pins, hair spray and a hair net for buns.

-Shoes and tights should be clean and without holes.

-Parents please write your child's name in all of their belongings!


All Ballet Classes: Pink Ballet Shoes, Peach tone tights: non-shimmer, no lines in back (Ballet Pink), and hair in a high bun. optional nude camisole leotard

Hip Hope & Broadway Jazz:  Black Jazz shoes, Black tights: non-shimmer, no lines in back, and hair in high bun

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