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1) After the first month of the students lessons, you may discontinue at any time. A two-week notice for withdrawal from the program is required, a withdrawal from must be completed. You will be charged as long as the student's name is on the role. If the student begins classes in the middle of the month, the lessons will be prorated. Student's who receive a 10% or 5% discount for pre-payment of tuition are not eligible for a refund.

2) Tuition will be due the first day of every month. There will be no billing unless your tuition is late. There will be a $10 late fee charged to any account that is not paid in full by the 5th day of each month. There will be a $20 late fee charged to any account that is not paid in full by the last day of each month. There will be a $25 fee for any returned check.

3) If a student has to cancel a group lesson, please call in advance. Students may attend an already scheduled lesson for a make up class. There will not be a refund issued for any missed classes. If a teacher cancels a group lesson, a student will be given the option to attend an already scheduled lesson or a special group lesson my be scheduled by the teacher. There will not be a refund  issued. All missed lessons must be made up with in one month of the missed class.

 4) If a private student has to cancel a lesson, there will need to be a two-hour notice given to the studio. The student's instructor will try to schedule a make up lesson if possible. There will not be a refund issued. If the instructor cancels a lesson and a make up cannot be scheduled, your account will be credited the cost of that lesson.

 5) You will be charged for the full month of any month that has a holiday. The missed lessons have been factored into the monthly fee based on the studio season, thus, making the monthly fee less expensive. The recital will be held in June. You will be charged for the full month of June. Make-up lessons are offered in June for the canceled classes.

 6) There is a recital fee of $60 per family due November 1st. If a student drops dance or is unable to attend the recital there will be no refund issued for the recital fee. There is a $70 fee for each costume that is ordered for the June recital. The costume fee is due February 1st. You will keep these costumes. Once these costumes are ordered, there cannot be a refund issued.

​7) Pre-paid tuition is non-refundable.



 The Recital fee, (one per family) is due November 1st. At this time the date and location of Recital will be available.

The Recital fee is due upon enrollment for students who enroll between November & February.

The Recital fee is non-refundable. 

Each family will receive 4 tickets to the Recital. Additional tickets will be available for at $10 per ticket.

All children over the age of two will need a ticket. Any child under the age of two that requires their own seat will need a ticket.

Recital night, Back stage & Dressing Rooms - To ensure the safety of our dancers, at no point in the Recital will the dancers be permitted to sit in the audience. They must remain back stage during the entire performance.

Students will need to be checked into their assigned dressing room before the Recital. Parents will receive a sign-in slip that they must present at the end of Recital, when picking up their child.

Costumes - The Costume fee is due in full by February 1st. Once the costumes are ordered a refund cannot be issued. The Artistic Director will pick out the costume that is best suited for the child's dance.

Costumes go home two weeks before the Recital. All accounts must be brought up to date at this time including June tuition. 

Dress Rehearsal- is mandatory for all dancers.

Dress Rehearsals tend to be long. Please be prepared. We recommend you send a snack and bottled water with your dancer. Please don't pack juice or anything that can stain their costume.

Students are asked to sit in the audience with their class and wait until they are called to the stage. This will enable them to see the performance, since they will remain back stage during the entire Recital.

Dress Rehearsal is just that, students need to arrive in full stage make up with hair done. Dancers should have their proper dance shoes and tights along with their costume. Pointers: Remember this is a rehearsal not the actual Recital. As the saying goes "Bad Dress Rehearsal = good show. 



It is our mission to create a fun and safe environment for our students. To help ensure your heath and safety, we are asking you to consider the following guidelines.


Please perform a quick temperature check for your child before coming to 

class. If their temperature is 100 degrees or higher, please stay home. 

You are always welcome to schedule a makeup lesson for a later date.


If you prefer not to wait in the lobby during class or have errands to run, simply check your dancer in with their teacher and return before class is over.


We will revisit these guidelines often and let you know if anything changes. Thank you for helping us stay safe and protecting the vulnerable among our families.

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